'The Leader of the Future' seminar featuring Daniele Boido in Serbia

Friday, September 26, 2014

 Tecla Academy invites you to the first "The Leader of the Future" seminar in Serbia.


Join us for the workshop in the wonderful natural environment of Kopaonik and let our Lecturers introduce you to a completely novice concept that may change your perspective about Your own-self and Leadership.


We are honored to present Daniele Boido, holistic guide that has translated years of studying and practicing into a magnificent book. After many seminars and one–to-one sessions with, both famous and ordinary people, he will join us for the first of a kind event in Serbia. The afternoon of the 7th will be reserved for experiencing the practical insight of The Leader of the Future concept with him.


Prior to the practical part, You will be introduced to the basics of the idea by Joseph Ricciardelli, an international consultant with more than two decades of experience working with leaders and managers worldwide.



Detailed invitation with more information, please find here.