Develop Lean Leaders with us!

Develop Lean Leaders with us!
Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tecla Consulting is inviting You to join Liker Leadership Institute (LLI) for one of three online Lean Leadership courses. Learn about The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership,  Principles of Lean Thinking and / or The Harada Method.


Find out what Lean Leadership is and develop your leadership skills with Joseph Ricciardelli, an authorized LLI coach.


Liker Leadership Institute (LLI) offers an innovative way to learn the secrets of lean leadership through an online education model that is itself lean, and extends that lean education far beyond the course materials to learning by doing with a coach.

Our Leaders have committed to sharing their craft, Lean Leadership, and have created online courses to reach the masses, and create localized support through the use of coaches to support you in the attainment of your operational excellence goals. Join in this unique solution by taking an online course (done at your pace) and/or using our coaching support, online or on site, to support your focus on long-term, sustainable initiatives.