Lean Society Summit 2011

Lean Society Summit 2011
Friday, June 17, 2011

Fiera di Vicenza 20th-21st September


Lean Society Summit has placed the economy and the Italians, who live at a critical juncture and need major changes at all levels, temporarily at a crucial phase. 

Companies, especially small and medium-sized, must find new energy and new resources to compete, making their management more efficient and rigorous.
Public companies and public administrations, particularly health and educational, should focus on reducing waste and identification of what value for citizens is, resulting in a short time dramatic performance improvements.
The institutions, the political system and individuals themselves must change their behavior, by rewriting the everyday life rules to keep up with the momentous challenges that emerge from a globalized world, uncertain, crossed by unpredictable changes and constraints.
The Summit will bring together leading members of the Lean universe: interventions in the plenary will be entrusted to Daniel T. Jones and John Y. Shook, Director of the Lean Enterprise Academy UK, respectively, and the Lean Enterprise Institute USA, i.e. the two main international references for the development and dissemination of Lean management.
It is also expected the exceptional presence of Jim Womack, to support the launch of the Italian edition of his latest book, Gemba Walks, and of  many of the institutes representatives affiliated to the Lean Global Network. In the days following the Lean Summit Society, CUOA will host the Executive Board Meeting of the Lean Global Network, Annual Meeting of strategy and comparison between the various members of the LGN, which will make our actual center "heart" of the Lean world.
Build your Lean Society Summit: over 200 Lean thinkers have contributed to the definition of the eight Learning sessions that will provide the opportunity of study and exchange within small groups.
Fee and enrollment
The individual fee is € 1,500 + VAT, and includes participation in plenary sessions, three Learning Sessions to choose from at the time of registration, lunches, coffee breaks, documentation for all sessions of the Summit.
Be First! For registration before 31/7/2011, the share of individual membership is reduced to € 1,000 + VAT.
Be Many! The entry of several employees of the same company will be facilitated: it is indeed recognized in a free entry to the third representative of the same company.
(For example, if a company falls within the 3 staff 31/7, the overall share of participation is € 2,000 + VAT)
Be Member! Members of the Lean Enterprise Club, as always, enjoy the 30% discount on individual membership fee (do not use the link below but please refer to the customized message that you receive in these days). 
Participation in the Lean Summit Society is financed through the main Interprofessional Funds.
For more information on Lean Events: summit@leancenter.it; 0444 333 738.