Tecla Academy promotes 'The Human Being of the Future' in Italian

Tecla Academy promotes
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tecla Academy proudly promotes "The Human Being of the Future"  by Daniele Boido in Italian - now available on Ebay!



The Book promotion was held in Salerno, 14th & 15th May 2014. Participants of the two day seminar in organization of Tecla Academy, featuring Daniele Boido, were gifted copies of the book in Italian.



In Italian

( translation by: Laura Fiorillo)

Ebay.it: Paperback edition


In English

Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Edition Paperback

Amazon.com: Kindle Edition Paperback



"Real Spirituality is based on our current reality and was created for those of you who desire true success externally and internally. By focusing on various stages of personal spiritual development culminating with Conscious Awareness, you will be able to achieve an optimal level of fitness, relaxation, mental power, inner strength and stability.

I have written a book called The Human Being of the Future that gives the basic, fundamental understanding of Real Spirituality. I highly recommend that you read it in order to grasp the full picture of what I am trying to convey, in the meantime by browsing through this site you may start to get an idea."

Daniele Boido