Tecla Partnership with LinUp

Tecla Partnership with LinUp
Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We are proud to present products & software developed by our partner company – LinUp, intended to speed up the process of loss identification (using camera glasses) and analysis (using the software) within your organization.  There are three groups of products:

- LinUp ONE Workplace Organization - helping you capture current situation, on the job, by the operators and (even remotely) analyze Muri, Mura, Muda and / or Set Up time. The software furthermore offers the options of creating Job Element Sheets, SOPs and SMPs.

- LinUP Ergo – consisting of glasses and sensors positioned on operators that can gather data and automatically calculate ergonomic levels of each of your operators’ positions during process operations.

- LinUp Maintenance – using cameras, maintenance personnel will now be able to record and transfer what is captured real time to the remote support (either internal or external), having feedback communicated back to them – real time, as well.

LinUp offers products, software (that can be used also as storage of training material), support and training. Please, contact us for more information.